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In 2005 we built the Avenger Alky Funnycar to race in Australia. It did not take long to see the importance of maintaining an alky motor for performance and budget. 


Most racers and engine builders in Aus and USA would recommend and use some type of mineral oil/ penetrating oil to clean and protect the fuel system from the harmful effects of residual methanol.

After each race meeting we would follow service recommendations, even though we were aware the oil did not mix with methanol. We thought it would simply purge from the fuel system on start up.

However this proved to be far from adequate as we noticed a number of issues over the following years.

  • An oily sludge was found in the bottom of the fuel tank and in other areas of the fuel system.

  • Penetrating oil would dry out and result in cylinder wall corrosion from fuel.

  • Most rubber seals etc. were not compatible with the solvents in penetrating oil.

  • Off season storage promoting fuel system blockages and corrosion.

  • Fuel pump gear damage (dry cranking) on start up.

We identified a need for lubricants that could absorb the fuel and also dissolve into the fuel leaving the fuel system clean and protected before, during and after race.

A lubricant that would leave a protective barrier and yet dissolve when racing again.

In 2010 we started blending formulas with an industrial chemist, then started testing.

On track and in the workshop we covered all possible scenarios to finally produce a range of products we believed we could stand behind 100% both on and off the track.

After extensive testing we launched Alky Race Products in 2015 to the Australian market. All products have met and exceeded our expectations to clean, lubricate and protect methanol and nitro fuel systems.


These products have been race proven to work.

Our mission at Alky Race Products is to develop and manufacture products for racers to better protect race engine components.

Protect your investment with today's technology

Use race proven Alky Race Products with confidence.

Safe and enjoyable racing to all

Andrew Hodgson

Mechanic, Engine builder/driver

Product development

Alky Race Products are Australian made and family owned.