Frequently Asked Questions



Why use Alky
Race Products?

For many years now we have all believed penetrating oil was the best lubricant to use after racing to protect and preserve methanol and nitro fuel systems, with today’s technology you would never use a penetrating oil again.

Penetrating oil of any kind is NOT SUITABLE in any methanol or nitro fuel system.

Race fuels are very corrosive when left to dry out in your fuel system and supercharger.

*If penetrating oil is sprayed in the cylinders it will break down any good lubrication you already have and allow fuels to attack the cylinder walls.

*Penetrating oil DOES NOT DISSOLVE IN METHANOL or NITRO!!!  it will separate and sit in your tank, fuel system or intake. A mineral based penetrating oil as such will attract and hold contaminants, then once released into the fuel system have the ability to block jets, valves and solenoids resulting in possible engine failure. 

*When you crank your engine for the first time there is no lubrication in the fuel system and supercharger, damage can be done at this point.

Fuel Flush, Pump Lube and Fuel Lube are your backup lubrication!


Alky lubricants will

*Absorb and help neutralise fuel

*Lubricate and help protect superchargers, fuel pumps, fuel lines, fittings and solenoids

*100% dissolve in your fuel system.

*Help protect cylinder walls from corrosion


Smart lubes that really work!!



Will it effect
my tune?

No...  Pump Lube and Fuel Flush will pre lube your fuel components, blend with fuel on start-up and burn up in combustion.

Fuel Lube will stay in your fuel helping to lubricate with no effect to the specific gravity or performance of your fuel and tune.


What's in it?

Fuel Flush, Pump Lube and Fuel Lube are a scientific blend of semi-synthetic lubricants specifically formulated and blended for safe use in methanol/nitro applications.

Non Hazardous Non Flammable and will wash off components or hands with water


Why can't I just
use any oil?

Our research has shown most popular oils racers have used for protecting their fuel system components do not blend with methanol/nitro fuels. Oils that do not blend attract contaminants then separate away from the fuel and sit in your tank, fuel system or intake until you disturb them.

The results can be catastrophic. ie. blocked injector nozzles, lines and valves

causing "lean outs" and engine failure.

Some lubricants/penetrating oils are also not compatible with o/rings, seals etc.


Does it have a
shelf life?

Fuel Flush, Pump Lube and Fuel Lube are all very stable lubricants

Stored at room temp and out of direct sunlight they will continue to work between race seasons with a shelf life of up to 3 years.